GendeRace - University of Barcelona
University of Barcelona

     Consortium Partner N° 2 : University of Barcelona / GRECS (Research Group on Exclusion and Social Control)

    UB, Spain, Second co-ordinator


GRECS, at the University of Barcelona, is a multidisciplinary and interdepartmental research institute made up of professors and senior researchers from the five key disciplines of social anthropology, sociology, methodology, history and law.


    It was established in 2001 to undertake socially committed academic and applied research into all aspects of social exclusion, social cohesion, migration, social policy and social control issues. Today, GRECS has a strong team of prominent academic researchers with diverse experience across a whole range of research interests, converging on the dynamics of stigmatisation of socially excluded collectives, social policy, gender inequalities, labour market integration and migration studies. The members of the team have collaborated in numerous international conferences and seminars, have systematically published results of their investigations and have been asked to engage in key positions in leading national and international institutions.





  • GRECS (Research Group on Exclusion and Social Control)