GendeRace - General presentation of the project
General presentation of the project

The GendeRace project is researching the effectiveness of Racial Discrimination laws from the point of view of the target group and in a gender perspective.


The research is taking place from 2008 to 2010 in six European Member states: Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK, and is funded by the European Union Seven Framework Programme.  


The aim of the project is : 

  • To deepen understanding of the impact of gender on the experience of racial discrimination;
  • To improve the knowledge of the combined effects of racial and gender discrimination in order to reveal the various forms of specific discrimination that women experience; 
  • To deepen understanding of the impact of gender on the treatment of complaints;
  • To improve knowledge of the motivations underlying the use of the law and of the expectations of the complainants; 
  • To test keys theories concerning the effects of ground specific approach to antidiscrimination legislation on the treatment of double discrimination based on "race" and gender;
  • To develop practical tools to assess the effectiveness of policies and practices in the field of antidiscrimination in order to take into account the intersectional dimension of discrimination.