GendeRace - FP7

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) is designed to support a wide range of participants: from universities, through public authorities to small enterprises and researchers in developing countries.

This section of the CORDIS FP7 service is intended to provide an introduction to the EU’s next research Framework Programme tailored to the questions of key groups of potential participants and interested parties – starting with:

  • Private companies – such as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), private research institutes or other industrial participants.
  • Public organisations – for example, public universities, regional authorities, public research organisations (PROs).
  • Individual researchers – from both the public and private sectors.
  • Researchers and organisations outside the European Union – whether from Candidate Countries, Associated States, developing countries, emerging economies or industrial nations.

As FP7 moves into its implementation phase these sections will develop further in order to highlight information of special interest to specific user groups. 



  •   FP7 : The Seventh Framework Programme
  • CORDIS , the Community Research and Development Information Service for Science, Research and Development