GendeRace - Spain Country Report 2008
Spain Country Report 2008

August 2008


by Olga Jubany and Oliver Woolley


The Spanish population on 1 January 2007 was estimated to be as follows:


 Men  Women  Total
 Spanish Legal Population  22,339,962  22,860,775  45,200,737
 Spanish Non-legalised
 Population (approx.)
 unreported  unreported  800,000
 Total      46,000,737


 The make-up of the Spanish population has changed, without doubt, over the course of the last few decades shaping a new social fabric. The sharp increase of the foreign presence in Spain has lead to the distinguishing of two main groups:

  1. The ‘original’ Spanish population, constituted by both groups of different ethnic/cultural backgrounds and groups resulting from internal migrations

  2. The immigrant population, and subsequent generations.
This mixture of cultures, ideologies, origins and backgrounds has led to the emergence of different collectives, some more visible than others. Our aim is to include as many of these collectives as well as minority groups as possible in the report.

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