GendeRace - Sweden Country Report 2008
Sweden Country Report 2008

August 2008


by Agneta Hedblom


Immigration to Sweden increased after the end of Second World War, and since then a million people have immigrated. The number of people with what is called a foreign background has increased, especially since the 1990s,1 and in 2005 this group amounted to 1.5 million or 16% of the population; three quarters of them were born outside Sweden. People with a foreign background usually live in the cities where they amount to 20-25% of the population. Most of them are so called labour immigrants from Nordic countries and former Yugoslavia who have been in the country for a long time. From the 1990s onwards, a new wave of immigrants came to Sweden. This influx was related to the wars and disturbances in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Iraq and Iran. Together, groups from these countries form a majority of those born outside Sweden.2 Even during 2006 and 2007, a lot of Iraqi citizens immigrated to Sweden, and they were the second largest immigrant group during 2007 (15%).


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