GendeRace - Dr Elena Vacchelli
Dr Elena Vacchelli

Eelena Vacchelli


     Is Research Fellow at Middlesex University’s Social Policy Research Centre working on two 7th Framework European Commission Programmes on gender and migration. The first project, Gemma, is a dissemination project which targets NGOs and policy makers in particular. The second project, Genderace, investigates multiple and intersectional discrimination in order to improve the current EU legal framework on this issue. She was previously part of the European Programme RTN (Research Training Network, whilst based in Berlin and recently completed a Ph.D. thesis entitled Appropriating urban publics: spatial politics and women’s collective action in Milan (1968-2008), at the Geography Department of The Open University. Her current research interests range from urban theory to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, feminist subjectivity, migration, social justice, citizenship and belonging.