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Kalmar University

    Consortium Partner N°5 : Kalmar Universit : KU, Sweden 

KalmarR.pngToday, the University of Kalmar has a range of almost 50 degree program and over 300 courses to offer within natural sciences, social science and the humanities. At the Department of Human Sciences research is currently carried out within the disciplines of Social work, Sociology, Psychology, Human Geography and Political science. The department has been pursuing a multidisciplinary research theme – Human Services in Transition (HIT) – since autumn 2003. All the department’s academics are united in their proposal to initiate research prompted by the on-going discussions surrounding the human service sector and how it influences and/or is influenced by individuals. Research in social work is characterized by a multi-disciplinary approach, including studies on structural, group and individual levels. In Kalmar a social policy profile which complements the HIT theme has been developed, with the general objective ”To assess and meet needs within the social services”. This involves recognizing and investigating local differences in needs assessment, and analyzing local variations in the distribution of social services. Researchers focus specifically on how marginalized groups are treated within and by the welfare state.




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