GendeRace - France Country Report 2009
France Country Report 2009

France Country Report

June 2009 



The objective of Workpackage 4 is to achieve a better understanding of the impact of gender on the experience of racial discrimination,  the use of resources and the way complaints are processed. To address this question, we analysed 158 complaints lodged n France to the institutions authorised to receive them. An approximately equal number fo complaints from women and men were collected for effective comparison.


Since adoption of the European Council Directive 2000/43 implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin, each EU Member State has been invited to designate a body to promote equal treatment,  entrusted to provide assistance to victims of discrimination in pursuing their complaints, conduct independent surveys and publish reports on any issue relating to discrimination. The directive also stipulates that associations or organisations having a legitimate interest may engage in a judicial and/or administrative procedure on the complainant's behalf.


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