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   Consortium Partner N°4 : The Centre for Technology and Society at the Technische Universität Berlin

    TUB, Germany

ztg2.pngThe Centre for Technology and Society (CTS) is an interdisciplinary research centre at the Technical University of Berlin. The CTS has the official status an interdisciplinary research Centre of the Technische Universität Berlin (Berlin University of Technology) since December 1994. The CTS actively promotes and pursues multidisciplinary research, teaching and public forums in the areas of technology and society. The CTS has co-ordinated more than 50 interdisciplinary projects with team members from all departments of the TU-Berlin. Our areas of specialization are: Technology in daily life, Innovation for Sustainable Development, Mobility, International Migration, Communication/Knowledge/Co-operation. The Director of the Centre is Dr. Hans Liudger Dienel.





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