GendeRace - Middlesex University
Middlesex University

   Consortium Partner N°3 : MDX, United Kingdom

middlesexR.pngMiddlesex University is one of the largest universities in the UK and is located in North London. The UK team are members of the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) in the Institute of Social and Health Research and the Centre for Legal Research in the Middlesex University Business School. The SPRC brings together lecturers, research fellows and doctoral students. It is engaged in a wide range of national and comparative research projects on migration and integration. These include new migrant communities and their needs; family migration policies; skilled migrations; gendered migrations, livelihoods and welfare regimes; territorial measures of integration; regeneration and communities; interventions in racism.


    The Centre for Legal Research is the umbrella for legal research at Middlesex University and a forum for the development of research capacity and expertise. It consists of four research groups. Helena Wray is a member of the labour/employment/discrimination/migration group.

Other members include Erica Howard whose focus is race discrimination and theories of race and equality with particular emphasis on the EU and Professors David Lewis and Malcolm Sargeant who write on employment and discrimination law.